Drum handling equipment in North Carolina

As a warehouse owner in North Carolina or any other place in the world, you will most likely have some drums to handle at one point or the other. In North Carolina, there are several equipment types that can help you as a warehouse to handle the large volumes of drums that you may have. The equipment is also suitable to handle one or just a few drums that one may have and hence the equipment is able to make the work easier for people who work in an environment that have some drums to be handled. These does not matter the size of the drums or even their weight as these equipment are designed in a way that allows you to use them on most of the drums available currently in the market. These tools include:

Drum lifters

Drum Lifting Equipment PhotoAs you might require taking a drum from one place to another, lifting it, therefore, becomes an issue without any kind of machinery especially when the drum is loaded with some heavy material. This is because most drums tend to be very heavy when loaded and the weight may exceed the human efforts. Drum lifters, therefore, comes in handy and allows you to easily lift the drum. The drum lifters are also available in different types to enable a person to handle different types of drums.

These types include open head and chime jaw drum lifters which help you to lift drums that are opened without spilling out the contents of the drum. These types of lifters are also well suited to help you to lift drums which require being handled delicately. Other types of drum lifters available in North Carolina include vertical and salvage drum lifters that can help you in lifting drums with up to 5,500 lbs as they are available in different sizes.

Drum dumpers and rotators

Drum Rotating equipmentThe over 10 drum handling equipment suppliers are able to offer their clients with reliable equipment for dumping and rotating their drums while in storage. These equipment are able to handle both metallic and plastic materials though there is some fork mounted handlers that are purely designed to handle plastic drums. The drum dumpers are also very portable which enables you as a client using this equipment to easily use them to handle drums in different areas of your vicinity or somewhere else. In North Carolina, you can also get skids and drum tilting levers that pretty much comes in handy especially when you need to safely tilt a drum in order to create room for more or even to be able to access another drum.

Other drum handling equipment that is readily available in north Carolina includes grabs, catchers and even grips which help you to easily handle drums by tightly holding a drum at one place, to enable the user to open or close the drums. Further, the tools are very suitable for industrial or domestic use as some of them even use manual power while some use electricity and are automatic. This helps to avoid all the necessary mistakes that might occur while handling a drum.

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